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The Importance of education

After graduating high school, Jarell's mother hurt her back working a homecare job. Due to her injury, she was no longer able to provide for Jarell as she once could. So, the family came face to face with the issue they've battled for years, homelessness. 

Despite being homeless, bathing out of a public bathroom sink, and sleeping in a cold office at night, Jarell had aspirations of being an entrepreneur to impact his family and generations to come.

Jarell was blessed to receive many intervening hands that helped him transition from homeless to home while working his lawn care business and his job as a cable technician. While taking care of his mom for 3 years, Jarell focused on teaching what he wished he would've known which led to him become a speaker, author, and a intervention specialist.

Through his success, Jarell learned the importance of education and how it impacted his salary, which impacted his ability to start and grow a business. In addition, he learned how lack of education in his family led to his homelessness overall.

Striving to reach back, Jarell speaks to middle - college level students to help increase graduation rates and help students become career ready.  


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Kareem Beckett,
Assistant Principal 

"Our students really enjoyed it and was fully engaged! When our students face problems in school and life, they will think back to his concepts and persevere."

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Ekemam Montgomery

Working with Jarell is a must! He showed our students that hard work, dedication, and taking responsibility for your life is essential for success!


Vondre' Whaley

"He was full of energy! He let our students know the meaning of being Taylor Made and truly being one of a kind. He's going to be an asset to your school."



In your choice of 2,5, or 9 weeks we work with up to 25 students in grades 6-12 through our Taylor Made Curriculum that focuses on student development to graduate & be career ready.

  • ​Taylor Made Curriculum
  • ​Interactive Group Sessions
  • ​Student Development Workbooks
  • ​Disc Assessments
  • ​Staff Debrief
  • ​Pre & Post Test
  • ​Weekly Journal Submission
  • ​Taylor Made T-Shirts
  • ​Completion Certificate
  • ​Completion Ceremony
  • ​24/7 Intervention Specialist (2-9 weeks)

Engagement Topics

Single Engagement: 45min - 1 Hour
Extended Engagements: 1 Hour+

  • Be Taylor Made! (Self-Confidence)
  • ​The Importance of Education
  • ​Decision-Making
  • ​Career Development
  • ​Goal Setting
  • Strategic Life Planning
  • ​Responsibility
  • ​Time Management
  • ​Money Management
  • ​The truth behind entrepreneurship

Welcome 2 The Jungle

This Training Will Help Your Administrators, Faculty, and staff Members to...

  • Identify your team's natural tendencies and the tendencies your team adapts to under stress
  • ​Learn exactly how to effectively communicate with your team and students
  • ​Recognize the personality types on your team, students, and how to better work with them.
  • ​Master how your behavior affects your team and students when you’re stressed or frustrated.
  • ​Learn how to better serve your team and students at a high level

The Taylor Made Mindset

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Self - Confidence

Helping students realize that they are Taylor Made, one of a kind.

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Strategic Life Planning

Helping students properly plan for the future step by step and how education is vital in those steps. 

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Helping students understand that despite all negative things that occur in their life, their success is their responsibility. 

What is the 

Taylor Made Mindset?

It's the embracing of being one of a kind no matter your upbringing or environment. In addition, it includes 7 concepts to help students and aspiring entrepreneurs become the best version of themselves and give them the direction they need. 

"If you change your mentality, You'll reshape your reality"

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Career Development

Helping students decide the career for them based on their desires and gift(s).

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Time Management

Helping students manage their time despite all the constant distractions they face on a daily basis.

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Decision - Making

Helping students make the right decision no matter their upbringing or background. 

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The Importance of Education

Helping students connect their passions and the things they care about most to their education and future.

Listen to Jarell

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